Find Your Shop Steward

Shop Stewards play a vital role in the workplace, acting as the union's representative and an important resource for co-workers with questions. Shop Stewards are volunteers who have received very specific training by the Yukon Employees' Union and the Public Service Alliance of Canada to assist with member representation, to help answer questions about the Collective Agreement, and to help keep workplaces safe. 

If you have a problem at work or a question that needs answering, please select your Local from the icons below. You'll land on your Local's Shop Steward Directory page and can contact a Shop Steward directly from that page. The Steward can advise you, and if your circumstances need YEU staff involvement, the Stewards can help arrange that on your behalf.  Remember that everything you say to any union representative - volunteer, staff or elected, is protected by the sworn oath of confidentiality, and nothing will be acted upon without your explicit authorization. 

Need help? Call your Shop Steward. Want to help? Become a Shop Steward! Reach out to your Local's Chief Shop Steward, a member of your Local Executive or the YEU Hall - we'd love to help get you started in this rewarding volunteer endeavor. 













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